About me

Anna Szalast graduated from the Academy of Fine
Ar ts in Warsaw in 1967 and studied at the Accademia
di Brera in Milan in the Department
of Sculpture. The creator of small-scale and
monumental sculptures in public space as
well as series of large size interior sculptures.
She works in stone, often in combination with
bronze casts. She has been author and curator
many art events. She has been collaborating
with ZPAP, the Centre of Polish Sculpture
in Orońsk and the University of Warsaw by organizing
symposia, exhibitions and open air
sessions, for example: open air sessions of sculpture
in stone in the Centre of Polish Sculpture in
Orońsk (1997-2008), International Symposium
„AB OVO”. She is also the author and curator
of a number of ar t exhibitions in DAP Gallery:
„Tunel czasu – warszawska rzeźba końca wieku”
( The time tunnel – end-of-century sculpture
in Warsaw), “Bez dystansu-kameralna rzeźba
do wnętrza” (No distance – small-scale sculpture
for interiors), “Mapy myśli - klucze form”
( Thought Maps- Form Keys), „Duch i sacrum”
(Spirit and Sacrum), “Kobieta i mężczyzna misterium
płci” (Woman and Man – mystery of
sex). She had many individual exhibitions as:
„Pomiędz y światłem a ciemnością” (Between
light and darkness) at the Oranżeria Gallery
in the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsk. For
the activity in artistic circles she was awarded
a Golden ZPAP Medal in 2006.